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 Prof. Saito of Nagaoka University of Technology and Science visit CNITECH 2019-07-01
 Dr. Cao Huatang from the University of Groningen visit CNITECH 2019-04-22
 Team members were invited to participate in the 14th Cross-Strait Film Technology Symposium 2018-11-15
 Team members go to Sweden to attend meetings and visits Linköping University 2018-09-10
 Team members attend the 2018 ICMCTF International Conference 2018-04-30
 Professor Kwang-Ryeol Lee from KIST visit CNITECH 2017-11-06
 Team members participated in the 14th PBII&D International Conference 2017-10-24
 Professor Yutao Pei from the University of Groningen visited CNITECH 2017-10-18
 Professor Ronghua Wei from the Southwest Research Institute of the United States came to visit CNITECH 2017-10-18
 Progress of superhydrophilic porous carbon materials 2017-10-13
 Dr. Aiying Wang participated in APEC women in STEM 2017 2017-05-23
 Group members participated in ICMCTF 2017 Conference 2017-04-28
 Group members participated in 4th International Tribology Symposium of IFToMM 2017-03-22
 Group 10th Anniversary ceremoney @NIMTE 2016-12-19
 Prof. Hidetoshi Saitoh visit NIMTE 2016-12-05