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Dr. Cao Huatang from the University of Groningen visit CNITECH
Date: 2019-04-22     View: 151

On April 17, at the invitation of Prof. Wang Aiying, Dr. Cao Huatang from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, came to visit CNITECH and made a speech entitled “Plasma beam alloying multi-alloy coating and the research of enviroment adaptive nano-composite wear-resistant coating by magnetron sputtering". The report was hosted by researcher Wang Aiying, and about 30 people attended the meeting.

In the report, Dr. Cao introduced the latest research progress and results on two advanced anti-friction and wear-resistant coatings in the application of new multi-functional anti-friction and wear-resistant coatings to reduce energy loss and improve the performance and life of key moving parts. First, he introduced a series of multi-alloy wear-resistant gradient coatings by controlling the type, size, shape and distribution of alloy carbides by plasma beam in-situ alloying. It was found that the presence of multi-level dual phase composite structures effectively increased the dislocation density, and the coating exhibited good hardness and toughness and wear resistance. Secondly, Dr. Cao introduced the design and preparation of WS2/a-C(H) nanocomposite wear-resistant coatings and the adaptability of the friction environment by magnetron sputtering deposition technology. Especially, the understanding of temperature-adaptive, damage-self-repairing low-friction lubrication mechanisms from the fine characterization of the interface structure. Finally, Dr. Cao shared his study and work experience in the Netherlands. He encouraged graduate students to focus on scientific research, insist on, never give up, and read classic monographs in specific work to strengthen independent thinking and conclusion.

The report attracted a lot of interest from the participants. Focused on coating structure design, toughness control, new structural characterization techniques and related experimental details, and participants had an active and enthusiastic exchange discussion with Dr. Cao.

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