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Team members participated in the 14th PBII&D International Conference
Date: 2017-10-24     View: 128

On October 17-20, 2017, the 14th International Conference on Plasma Ion Implantation & Deposition was held in Shanghai. The meeting was hosted by the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics,Chinese Academy of Sciences. The opening ceremony of the conference was chaired by the researcher Xuanyong Liu. More than 200 experts and scholars from Australia, Germany, Argentina, France, the United States, China and other countries attended the seminar.

Team member Dr. Aiying Wang, doctoral student Jing Wei, and master student Li Wang three people attended the meeting. Among them, Dr. Aiying Wang gave an oral report entitled "Superhard CrB2 coating with preferred (001) orientation by traditional DC magnetron sputtering". Jing Wei and Li Wang made reports entitled "Combined structural evolution of tetrahedral amorphous carbon films via thickness" and "Substrate biases effect on the structure, optical and electrical properties of a-C films by HiPIMS", respectively. The latest developments in the preparation of superhard CrB2 coating and tetrahedral amorphous carbon film, and the optic properties of amorphous carbon film were introduced. These reports received strong interest from the participants. Among them, Li Wang's exhibition board report won the "Best Poster Award" of the conference.

PBII&D is one of the top international conferences in the field of plasma-based ion implantation and deposition. It has received much attention from scholars and experts in the field of plasma surface modification at home and abroad. The conference was divided into plasma ion implantation and deposition, IBAD, vacuum arc hybrid deposition, ion implantation system, high power pulse deposition, plasma diagnostic/simulation, plasma/ion-surface interaction, and biological applications. The subject area includes more than 50 oral reports and more than 100 panel reports. At this conference, experts from all over the world discussed in depth issues such as plasma injection technology and thin film research, and provided a platform for mutual cooperation and exchange.

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