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Research Directions
Date: 2013-08-08     View: 1969

Advanced Carbon-based Films Research Group mainly focuses on the advanced carbon-based thin films by various PVD/CVD methods and related plasma-based surface modification technologies. The research interests include the following fields currently:

  Diamond-like carbon films and key technologies 

    -    Fabrication of various nanostructured DLC films (a-C:H, ta-C, Me-DLC etc.) by different and hybrid PVD/CVD  techniques.


    -    Characterization of structures and properties, of particular interest of mechanical, tribological, as well as electrical performance.


    -     Calculation study on the mechanism between structure and properties of films.


    -     Optimization of deposition process and equippments for various applications.



     Nanostructured superhard coatings and solid lubricant films for wear resistant  application  
   -     Manipulation and properties of ternary, quaternary nanostructured nitride, carbide, boride superhard   coatings such as TiAlSiN, CrAlSiN etc.

    -     Synthesis and tribological properties of solid lubricant films such as GLC, MoS2 and MAX phase etc.

    -     Application of superhard and/or lubricant films in mechanical components


   Development of plasma-based surface modification technology. 

-      Plasma characterization and deposition mechanism during film deposition

-      Functional treatment for light alloys and polymers to improve corrosion and wear resistance

-      Development of massive production process and equipment for application.





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