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Prof. Saito of Nagaoka University of Technology and Science visit CNITECH
Date: 2019-07-01     View: 248

On June 15-28, at the invitation of Prof. Wang Aiying, former Vice President of University of Technology and Science,  Professor Hidetoshi Saito and Dr. Dan Yanxin from the University of Science and Technology of Nagaoka visited CNITECH, and conducted a series of cooperation and exchanges.

In this series of academic activities, the ceremony for the appointment of Professor Saito's PIFI certificate was first conducted. Professor Saito then made six lectures on the standardization of amorphous carbon materials and the application of porous carbon materials in hydrogen storage. The contents include "Current status of international standards of DLC based on structures", "Current status of international standards of DLC based on mechanical properties", "Current status of international standards of DLC based on mechanical properties", "Current status of international standards of international standards of DLC based On optical properties", "Hydrogen storage technology on materials science supporting future of mobility society" and "Hydrogen storage technology on materials science supporting human health". In the reports, Prof. Saito introduced the overview of Nagaoka University of Technology and Science, as well as his team's latest research on the standardization of diamond-like carbon film (DLC), preparation of porous carbon materials and hydrogen storage. He reviewed the development history of diamond-like carbon films and the significance of standardization. They respectively described the classification and standardization of DLC based films on the structure, mechanical properties, optical properties (refractive index and extinction coefficient) of amorphous carbon components, and shared the work. As the main drafter, he participated in the development of the relevant background of the international standard for amorphous carbon classification ISO 20523:2017 carbon based films-classification and designations. He also focuses on the basic principles and analysis methods of RBS/ERD, NEXAFS, ellipsometry and XRR in DLC structural characterization and standardization applications. From the perspective of DLC industrialization, Professor Saito shared the application of DLC as a decorative coating, lubricating coating, etc. in tools and automotive engine components, especially in the Japanese market. In addition, Professor Saito also shared the work of the team to prepare porous carbon materials using natural plant materials such as rice husks, focusing on the research progress of the porous carbon materials in hydrogen storage, and the use of such hydrogen storage technology in the field of organ transplantation. Relevant frontier research carried out.

Dr. Dan Yanxin shared the team's latest research achievements in flame sprayed oxide protective coating materials, entitled "Thermal barrier coatings consisted of hollow micro-sized beads", "Metal oxide coating on the aluminum alloy using flame Method with EDTA metal complex." exchange report. His team used the low-cost advantage of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid metal ion chelate raw materials to prepare the latest research progress of oxide film materials under normal temperature and pressure environment. Through the combustion reaction, the team successfully obtained a variety of oxide protective coating materials on metals, alloys, quartz glass and other substrates. The coating has the advantages of good film-bonding, low porosity and high film formation rate. In addition, by controlling the experimental conditions, the gradient control of the porosity of the metal oxide is also realized, and the obtained coating realizes wide application in the field of heat insulation protective materials.

Prof. Wang Aiying gave an overall report on the introduction of CNITECH and our team's work. Associate Professor Guo Peng reported on the research progress of the team in the field of amorphous carbon electricity with the topic of “Research progress on electrical behaviors of amorphous carbon films”. In addition, the team members Zhang Dong, Sun Lili, Zuo Xiao, Li Hao and other young backbones and several graduate students respectively discussed the DLC film materials and standardization work, carbon-based composite film fine structure characterization, etc. with Professor Saito.


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