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Professor Yutao Pei from the University of Groningen visited CNITECH
Date: 2017-10-18     View: 244

On October 16th, at the invitation of Prof. Aiying Wang, Prof. Yutao Pei from the University of Groningen visited Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering and made a speech entitled “Microstructure control of magnetron sputtered coatings: from dynamic roughening to dynamic”.

In the report, Prof. Pei first introduced the geographical location, development status and current situation of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands from the Dutch proverb of “Germaningen”, then focused on the commonality of his team for the surface roughening of magnetron sputtering thin films. The key scientific issues were clasifeid by selecting TiC/aC:H nanocomposite film system as an example. The effects of deposition rate, atomic self-migration and atomic diffusion on the surface morphology of the film were discussed. Furthermore, it is pointed out that low deposition rate and wide particle energy distribution are the key to obtain low stress, form non-columnar structure and reduce surface roughness, and propose a kinetic theoretical model. The model is perfected by MF closed field magnetron sputtering technology. In addition, it was found that a hard and tough high-performance carbon thin film was obtained by adjusting the grain size and spacing of the film by the combination of the incident particle energy and the low growth rate. After the meeting, Professor Yan exchanged views on the surface roughness control of the film and the formation mechanism of special nanostructures, and made a discussion on the future cooperation themes and methods.

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