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Date: 2013-08-08     View: 2751

Advanced carbon-based films research group is found in Dec. 2006, it belongs to Key Laboratory of Marine Materials and Related Technologies, and Surface Engineering Division, NIMTE, CAS.  We are focusing on the fundamental research and industrial applications of advanced carbon-based thin films and plasma-based surface modification technologies. There are 13 research staffs and  14 students in our team. Very recently, the research topics include:

R&D of advanced diamond-like carbon films.

-  Nanostructured manipulations and film depositions by various methods including ion beam, magnetron sputtering, FCVA, PECVD and related hybrid PVD methods; Films categories include a-C:H, ta-C, N-DLC, Me-DLC etc.

-  Characterizations of structures and properties including mechanical, tribological, corrosional, biological and related functional behaviors.

-  Development of amorphous carbon films with high performance for the various application demands of moulds, MEMS key parts etc.

- Other novel functionalization of DLC films

Nanostrutured superhard films and solid lubricant films.  

-   Manipulation and properties of novel ternary, quaternary nanostructured superhard films such as TiAlSiN, CrAlSiN etc.

-   Synthesis and tribological performance of nanostructured solid lubricant films by HIPIMS technique. Coatings includes GLC, MoS2, and MAX phases.

-   Application of superhard and lubricant films for key mechanical components of automobile, cutting tools etc.

► Development of plasma-based surface modification technology. 

-  Anti-wear and anti-corrosion behaviors of light-alloy  such as Ti/Al/Mg etc.

-  Tailored wettability and Functional modification of fibers and polymers

-  Plasma diagnostic and theoretic characterization during hybrid PVD technologies

-  Development of coating mass production progress and equipment.


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