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Professor Ronghua Wei from the Southwest Research Institute of the United States came to visit CNITECH
Date: 2017-10-18     View: 266

On October 16th, at the invitation of Prof. Aiying Wang (Key Laboratory of Marine New Materials and Applied Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Professor Ronghua Wei, the chief scientist of the Southwest Research Institute of the United States, and Prof. Yutao Pei from the University of Groningen visited Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering. They made speeches entitled “Plasma Surface Engineering for Practical Applications” and "Microstructure control of magnetron sputtered coatings: from dynamic roughening to dynamic smoothening", respectively.

Professor Wei first briefly introduced the general situation and scientific research field of the Southwest Research Institute of the United States. Subsequently, the Diamond Immersion Ion Deposition (PIID) was introduced to prepare diamond-like coatings, and the latest progress in improving the erosion and hydrophobic properties of coatings was introduced. Combined with the advantages of Plasma Enhanced Magnetron Sputtering (PEMS), he shared the work in the preparation of high hardness, low stress and strong dense coatings in PEMS, especially with the application in the preparation of nano-multilayer structure. The technology produces sub-millimeter TiSiCN coatings up to 590μm and is successfully used in aerospace, automotive and tooling components. Finally, from the perspective of PECVD technology, Professor Wei introduced how to deposit a diamond-like protective coating on the inner wall of a 24 m long pipe and apply it to key technologies in the field of offshore drilling and petroleum. After the meeting, Professor Wei conducted interactive exchanges on the preparation of sub-millimeter thick films, the uniform deposition of DLC pipelines and their application techniques, and made a discussion on the future cooperation themes and methods.


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