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【Int. Publications】

  1. Xin Ma, Qi Zhang*, Peng Guo*, Xiaoshan Tong, Yulong Zhao*, Aiying Wang*, Residual Compressive Stress Enabled 2D-to-3D Junction Transformation in Amorphous Carbon Films for Stretchable Strain SensorsACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces,  12(2020) 45549-45557 【PDF】
  2. Hao Li, Peng Guo, Dong Zhang, Linlin Liu, Zhenyu Wang, Guanshui Ma, Yang Xin, Peiling Ke, Hidetoshi Saito, Aiying Wang*, Interface-induced degradation of amorphous carbon films/stainless steel bipolar plates in proton exchange membrane fuel cells, J. Power Sources, 469(2020)228269【PDF】
  3. Jing Wei, Peng Guo, Linlin Liu, Hanchao Li, Hao Li, Shuyuan Wanga, Peiling Ke,Hidetoshi Saito, Aiying Wang*, Corrosion resistance of amorphous carbon film in 3.5 wt% NaCl solution for marine application, Electrochim. Acta346 (2020) 136282 【PDF】
  4. Zhenyu Wang, Guanshui Ma, Linlin Liu, Li Wang, Peiling Ke*, Qunji Xue, Aiying Wang*, High-performance Cr2AlC MAX phase coatings: Oxidation mechanisms in the 900-1200 temperature range, Corros. Sci.167(2020)108492 【PDF】
  5. Jing Wei, Peng Guo, Linlin Liu, Hanchao Li, Hao Li, Shuyuan Wang, Peiling Ke, Aiying Wang*, Tailored electrochemical behavior of ta-C film by glancing angle deposition, Appl. Surf. Sci.516(2020)146115 【PDF】
  6. Zhenyu Wang,  Jie Sun, Beibei Xu, Yingrui Liu, Peiling Ke*, Aiying Wang*, Reducing the self-healing temperature of Ti2AlC MAX phase coating by substituting Al with Sn, J. Eur. Ceram. Soc.  40(2020)197-201 【PDF】
  7. Xiao Zuo, Dong Zhang, Rende Chen, Peiling Ke*, Magus Odén, Aiying Wang*, Spectroscopic investigation on the near-substrate plasma characteristics of chromium HiPIMS in low density discharge mode, Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. 29(2020)015013【PDF】
  8. Jintao Shuai, Xiao Zuo, Zhenyu Wang, Peng Guo, Beibei Xu, Jia Zhou, Aiying Wang*, Peiling Ke*, Comparative study on crack resistance of TiAlN monolithic and Ti/TiAlN multilayer coatings, Ceram. Int. 46(2020)6672-6681【PDF】
  9. Hao Li, Peng Guo*, Dong Zhang, Rende Chen, Xiao Zuo, Peiling Ke, Hidetoshi Saito, Aiying Wang*, Influence of deposition temperature on the structure, optical and electrical properties of a-C films by DCMS, Appl. Surf. Sci. 503(2020)144310 【PDF】
  10. Hanchao Li, Xiaowei Li, Jing Wei, Zhenyu Wang, Peng Guo, Peiling Ke, Hidetoshi Saito, Ping Cui, Aiying Wang*, Crystalline transformation from ta-C to graphene induced by a catalytic Ni layer during annealing, Diamond Relat. Mater. 101(2020)107556 【PDF】
  11. Zhenyu Wang, Wentao Li, Yingrui Liu, Jintao Shuai, Peilign Ke*, Aiying Wang*,  Diffusion-controlled intercalation approach to synthesize the Ti2AlC MAX phase coatings at low temperature of 550oC, Appl. Surf. Sci. 502(2020)144130【PDF】
  12. Zhenyu Wang, Wentao Li, Cuicui Wang, Haichen Wu, Peiling Ke, Aiying Wang*, Transforming the amorphous Ti-Al-C coating to high-purity Ti2AlC MAX phase coating by prolonged annealing at 550oC, Mater. Lett. 261(2020)127160.【PDF】
  13. Wei Yang*, Yu Gao, Dapeng Xu,  Lin Hu, Aiying Wang*, Adhesion, biological corrosion resistance and biotribological properties of carbon films deposited on MAO coated Ti substrates, J. Mech. Behav. Biomed. Mater. , 102(2020)103448 1-6【PDF】
  14. Xin Ma, Xiaoshan Tang, Peng Guo, Yulong Zhao, Qi Zhang*, Hanchao Li, Rende Chen, Aiying Wang*,MEMS Piezo-resistive force sensor based on DC sputtering deposited amorphous carbon films,  Sensos Actuat A-Phys. 302(2020)111700 1-10 【PDF】 
  15. Xiaowei Xu, Yong Zhou, Linlin Liu, Peng Guo, Xiaowei Li*, Kwang-Ryeol Lee, Ping Cui, Aiying Wang*,Corrosion behavior of diamond-like carbon film induced by Al/Ti co-doping, Appl. Surf. Sci. 509(2020)144877 1-10 【PDF】
  16. Dong Zhang, Xiao Zuo, Zhenyu Wang, Hao Li, Rende Chen, Aiying Wang*, Peiling Ke*, Comparative study on protective properties of CrN coatings on the ABS substrate by DCMs and HiPIMS techniques, Surf. Coat. Technol. 394 (2020) 125890 【PDF】
  17. Dong Zhang, Shuyu Li, Xiao Zuo, Peng Guo, Peiling Ke*, Aiying Wang*, Structural and mechanism study on enhanced thermal stability of hydrogenated diamond-like carbon films doped with Si/O, Diamond Relat. Mater. 108(2020)107923 【PDF】
  18. Xiaowei Xu, Peng Guo, Leslie Ching Ow Tiong, Xiao Zuo, Xiaowei Li*, Kwang-Ryeol Lee, Ping Cui, Peiling Ke, Aiying Wang*, Role of dimple textured surface on tribological properties of Ti/Al-codoped diamond-like carbon films, Thin Solid Films, 708(2020)138136 【PDF】
  19. Beibei Xu, Peng Guo, Zhenyu Wang, Rende Chen, Yumin Ye, Jintao Shuai, Aiying Wang*, Peiling Ke*, Anti-wear Cr-V-N coating via V solid solution: microstructure, mechanical and tribological properties, Surf. Coat. Technol.  397(2020)126048 【PDF】
  20. Xiaowei Li*, Hanchao Li, Kwang-Ryeol Lee, Aiying Wang*, Cooling rate dependence of Ni-catalyzed transformation of amorphous carbon into graphene in rapid thermal processing, An experimental and reactive molecular dynamics study, Appl. Surf. Sci. 529(2020)147042 【PDF】
  21. Hanchao Li, Diwei Shi, Peng Guo, Jing Wei, Ping Cui, Shiyu Du*, Aiying Wang*, Amorphous carbon to graphene: Carbon diffusion via nickel catalyst, Mater. Lett. 278(2020)128468 【PDF】
  22. Chenhui Jiang*, Aiying Wang*, Xufan Bao, Zefeng Chen, Tongyuan Ni, Zhangfu Wang, Protective Geopolymer Coatings Containing Multi-Componential Precursors: Preparation and Basic Properties Characterization,Materials. 13(2020)3448【PDF】
  23. Xiaowei Li*, Xiaowei Xu, Yong Zhou, Kwang-Ryeol Lee*, Aiying Wang*, Insights into friction dependence of carbon nanoparticles as oil based lubricant additive at amorphous carbon interface, Carbon, 150(2019)465-474【PDF】
  24. Xiaowei Li*, Zhenyu Wang, Hanchao Li, Aiying Wang*, Kwang-Ryeol Lee, Fast synthesis of graphene with a desired structure via Ni-catalyzed transformation of amorphous carbon during rapid thermal processing: insights from molecular dynamics and experimental study, J. Phys. Chem. C 123(2019)27834-27842 【PDF】 Front Cover image
  25. Zhenyu Wang, Xiaowei Li, Wentao Li, Peiling Ke*, Aiying Wang*,Comparative study on oxidation behavior of Ti2AlN coatings in air and pure steam, Ceram. Int.  45(2019)9260-9270 【PDF】
  26. Wentao Li, Zhenyu Wang, Jintao Shuai, Beibei Xu, Aiying Wang*, Peiling Ke*, A high oxidation resistance Ti2AlC coating on Zirlo substrates for loss-of-coolant accident conditions, Ceramic. Int. 11(2019) 13912-13922【PDF】
  27. Xin Ma, Peng Guo, Xiaoshan Tong, Yulong Zhao, Qi Zhang*, Peiling Ke, Aiying Wang*, Piezoresistive behavior of amorphous carbon films for high performance MEMS force sensors, Appl. Phys. Lett. 114(2019)253502 1-4 【PDF】
  28. Zhenyu Wang,  Hao Kang, Rende Chen, Peiling Ke*, Aiying Wang*, Enhanced mechanical and tribological properties properties of V-Al-C coatings via increasing columnar boundaries, J. Alloy Compd. 781(2019)186-195  【PDF】
  29. Wei Yang, Dapeng Xu, Yu Gao, Lin Hua, Peiling Ke*, Jian Chen*, Microstructure, adhesion, in vitro corrosion resistance and tribological behavior of (Si:N)-DLC coated pure Ti, Diam. Relat. Mater. 92 (2019) 109-116【PDF】
  30. Jiahao Weng, Xiao Zuo, Linlin Liu, Zhenyu Wang, Peiling Ke, Xicheng Wei, Aiying Wang*, Dense nanocolumnar structure induced anti-corrosion CrB2 coating with (001) preferred orientation deposited by DC magnetron sputtering, Mater. Lett. 240(2019)180-184 【PDF】
  31. Xiao Zuo , Rende Chen, Peiling Ke*, Aiying Wang*,Gas Breakdown and Discharge Formation in High-Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering, IEEE T Plasma Sci. 47(2019)1215-1222 【PDF】
  32. Xiaowei Li, Aiying Wang, Kwang-Ryeol Lee, Atomistic understanding on friction behavior of amorphous carbon films induced by surface hydrogenated modification, Tribol. Int. 136(2019)446-454 【PDF】
  33. Yong Zhou, Peng Guo, Lili Sun, Linlin Liu, Xiaowei Xu, Wenxian Li, Xiaowei Li*,Kwang-Ryeol Lee, Aiying Wang*,Microstructure and property evolution of diamond-like carbon films codoped by Al and Ti with different ratios, Surf. Coat. Technol. 361(2019)83-90【PDF】
  34. Xiaowei Li, Aiying Wang, Kwang-Reyol Lee, Role of unsaturated hydrocarbon lubricant on the friction behavior of amorphous carbon films from reactive molecular dynamics study, Compu. Mater. Sci. 161(2019)1-9 【PDF】
  35. Youzhi Guo, Peng Guo, Lili Sun, Xiaowei Li, Peiling Ke, Qiang Li, Aiying Wang*,  Tribological properties of Ti-doped diamond-like carbon coating under dry friction and PAO oil lubrication. Surf. Interface Anal. 51(2019)361-370 【PDF】
  36. Xiao Zuo, Rende Chen, Dong Zhang, Peiling Ke, Aiying Wang*, Moverment of luminous group spots on target and size modification of micro-particles during cathodic vacuum arc deposition, Vacuum, 164(2019)381-389 【PDF】
  37. Lili Sun, Xiao Zuo, Peng Guo, Xiaowei Li, Peiling Ke, Aiying Wang*,Role of deposition temperature  on the mechanical and tribological properties of Cu and Cr co-doped diamond-like carbon films, Thin Solid Films, 678(2019)16-25【PDF】
  38. Xiaowei Li, Aiying Wang,Kwang-Ryeol Lee*,Transformation of amorphous carbon to graphene on low-index Ni surfaces during rapid thermal processing: a reactive molecular dynamics study, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 21(2019)2271-2275【PDF】Back Cover Image
  39. Xiaowei LI,* Aiying Wang, Kwang-Ryeol Lee*, Insights on low-friction mechanism of amorphous carbon films from reactive molecular dynamics study, Tribol. Int. 131(2019)567-578 【PDF】
  40. Xiaowei Li, Yong Zhou, Xiaowei Xu, Aiying Wang, Kwang-Ryeol Lee, Role of the carbon source in the transformation of amorphous carbon to graphene during rapid thermal processing, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 21(2019)9384-9390【PDF】  
  41. Jing Wei, Hanchao Li, Linlin Liu, Peng Guo, Peiling Ke, Aiying Wang*, Enhanced tribological andcorrosion properties ofmultilayer ta-C films via alternating sp3 content, Surf. Coat. Techno. 374(2019)317-326【PDF】 
  42. carbon/alpha olefin interface, npj Computational Materials,53(2018)1-9   【PDF】
  43. Xiaowei Li*, Aiying Wang, Kwang-Ryeol Lee*, Tribo-Induced Structural Transformation and Lubricant Dissociation at Amorphous Carbon–Alpha Olefin Interface, Advanced Theory and Simulations. 2018, 1800157 【PDF】
  44. Lei li, Lin-lin Liu, Xiaowei Li, Peng Guo, Peiling Ke*, Aiying Wang*, Enhanced tribocorrosion performance of Cr/GLC multilayered films for marine protective application, ACS Appl. Mater. Interf. 10(2018) 13187-13198 【PDF】
  45. Peng Guo,Rende Chen,Lili Sun,Xiaowei Li,Peiling Ke,Qunji Xue and Aiying Wang*, Bulk-limited electrical behaviors in metal/hydrogenated diamond-like carbon/metal devices, Appl. Phys. Lett.  112(2018) 033502 【PDF】
  46. Yuan Jiao, Seong Won Cho, Suyoun Lee, Sang Hoon Kim, Seung-Yeol Jeon, Kahyun Hur, Sun Mi Yoon, Myoung-Woon Moon* , Aiying Wang*, A hierarchically porous carbon fabric for highly sensitive electrochemical sensors, Adv. Eng. Mater.,20(2018)1700608 1-8 【PDF】 Highlighted by Advanced Science online
  47. Xiao Zuo, Rende Chen, Jingzhou Liu, Peiling Ke*, Aiying Wang*,  The influence of superimposed DC electrical and spectroscopic characteristics of HIPIMS discharge, AIP Advances, 8(2018) 015132-11. 【PDF】
  48. Xiaowei Li, Aiying Wang, Kwang-Ryeol Lee*, Comparison of empirical potentials for calculationg structural properties of amorphous carbon films by molecular dynamics simulations, Comp. Mater. Sci. 151(2018)246-254.  【PDF】
  49. CuiCui Kong, Peng Guo, Lili Sun, Yong Zhou, YunXiao Liang, Xiaowei Li, Peiling Ke, Aiying Wang*, Tribological mechanism of diamond-like carbon films induced by Ti/Al co-doping, Surf. Coat. Technol. 342(2018) 167-177. 【PDF】
  50. Jingzhou Liu, Xiao Zuo, Zhenyu Wang, Li Wang, Xiaochun Wu, Peiling Ke*, Aiying Wang*,  Fabrication and mechanical properties of high purity of Cr2AlC coatings by adjustable Al contents. J. Alloy. Compound., 753(2018)11-17 【PDF】 
  51. Lei Li, Peng Guo, Lin-lin Liu, Peiling Ke*, Aiying Wang*, Structural design of Cr/GLC films for high tribological performance in artificial seawater: Cr/GLC ratio and multilayer structure, J. Mater. Sci. Technol. 34(2018) 1273-1280. 【PDF】
  52. Xiaowei Li, Lei Li, Dong Zhang, Aiying Wang*, Ab initio study of interfacial structure transformation of amorphous carbon catalyzed by Ti, Cr, and W transition layers, ACS Appl. Mater. Interf. 9201741115-41119 【PDF】
  53. Peng Guo, Xiaowei Li, Lili Sun, Rende Chen, Peiling Ke, AiyingWang*, Stress reduction mechanism of diamond-like carbon films incorporated with different Cu contents, Thin Solid Films, 640 (2017) 45–51【PDF】
  54. Xiaowei Li*, Peng Guo ,Lili Sun, Xiao Zuo, Dong, Zhang, Peiling Ke,  Aiying Wang*, Ti/Al co-doping induced residual stress reduction and bond structure evolution of amorphous carbon films: An experimental and ab initio study, Carbon 111 (2017) 467-475 【PDF】
  55. Zhenyu Wang, JinZhou Liu, Li Wang, Xiaowei Li, Peiling Ke*, Aiying Wang*, Dense and high-stability Ti2AlN MAX phase coatings prepared by the combined cathodic arc/sputter technique, Appl. Surf. Sci. 396 (2017) 1435-1442 【PDF】
  56. Lili Sun, Peng Guo, Xiaowei Li,  Aiying Wang​*,Comparative study on structure and wetting properties of diamond-like carbon films by W and Cu doping, Diamond and Related Materials, 73(2017)278-284 【PDF】
  57. Ting Guo1, Cuicui Kong1, Xiaowei Li, Peng Guo, Zhenyu Wang, Aiying Wang*, Microstructure and mechanical properties of Ti/Al co-doped DLC films: dependence on sputtering current, source gas, and substrate bias, Appl. Surf. Sci. 410 (2017)​ 51-59  PDF
  58. Sheng Cai, Peng Guo, JingZhou Liu, Dong Zhang, Peiling Ke*, Aiying Wang*, Yuejin Zhu, Friction and wear mechanism of MoS2/C composite coatings under atmospheric environment, Tribology Letters, 65(2017) 79:1-12. 【PDF】
  59. Shucan Zhang, Zhenyu Wang, Peng Guo, Peiling Ke*, Magnus Oden, Aiying Wang*, Temperature induced superhard CrB2 coatings with preferred (001) orientation deposited by DC magnetron sputtering technique, Surf. Coat. Technol.  322(2017) 134-140. 【PDF】
  60. X. Zuo , P. L. Ke, R. D. Chen, X. W. Li, Magnus Od[1]en, A. Y. Wang*, Discharge state transition and cathode fall thickness evolution during chromium HiPIMS discharge, Physics of Plasmas, 24(2017)083507- 1-7 【PDF】
  61. X. Zuo, F. Xia, D. Zhang, P. L. Ke*, Q. M. Wang, A. Y. Wang, The effect of substrate bias on the characteristics of CrN coatings deposited by DC-superimposed HiPIMS system, International Journal of Modern Physics B.  31(2017)1744032-1-5. 【PDF】
  62. Xiaowei Li*, Lili Sun, Peng Guo, Peiling Ke, Aiying Wang*, Structure and residual stress evolution of Ti/Al, Cr/Al or W/Al co-doped amorphous carbon nanocomposite films: Insights from abinitio calculations, Materials and Design, 89 (2016) 1123–1129  【PDF】
  63. Microstructure evolution of V–Al–C coatings synthesized from a V2AlC compound target after vacuum annealing treatment, Zhenyu Wang, Xiaowei Li, Jie Zhou, Pei Liu, Qing Huang, Peiling Ke, Aiying Wang*, J. Alloy Compound, 661(2016) 476-482 【PDF】
  64. Liqi Zhou, Guofu Xu, Xu Li, Xinwei Wang, Lingling Ren, Aiying Wang*, Xingfu Tao*, Stress measurement at the interface between a Si substrate and diamond-like carbon/Cr/W films by the electronic backscatter diffraction method, Applied Physics Express, 9 (2016) 025504-1-4【PDF】
  65. Xiaowei Li,Dong Zhang, Kwang-Ryeol Lee, Aiying Wang, Effect of metal doping on structural characteristics of amorphous carbon system: A first-principles study, Thin Solid Films, 607 (2016) 67-72  【PDF】
  66. Lili Sun, Peng Guo, Xiaowei Li, Aiying Wang, Synergistic effect of Cu/Cr co-doping on the wettability and mechanical properties of diamond-like carbon films, Diamond and Related Materials, 68(2016)1-9【PDF】
  67. Mingge Wu, Congda Lu, Tao Hong, Guohai Chen, Donghui Wen, Haifeng Zhang, Dong Zhang, Aiying Wang, Chromium interlayer amorphous carbon film for 304 stainless steel bipolar plate of proton exchange membrane fuel cell, Surf. Coat. Technol. 307(2016) 374-381【PDF】
  68. Xiaowei Li*, Lili Sun,Peng Guo,Peiling Ke, Aiying Wang*, Structure and residual stress evolution of Ti/Al, Cr/Al or W/Al co-doped amorphous carbon nanocomposite films: Insights from abinitio calculations, Materials and Design, 89 (2016) 1123–1129.  【PDF】
  69. Xiaowei Li*, Peng Guo, Lili Sun, Aiying Wang*, Peiling Ke, Ab Initio Investigation on the Novel Cu/Cr Co-Doped Amorphous Carbon Nanocomposite Films with Giant Residual Stress Reduction., ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 7(2015)27878-27884 【PDF】
  70. Xiaowei Li, Peiling Ke, Aiying Wang*, Probing the Stress Reduction Mechanism of Diamond-Like Carbon Films by Incorporating Ti, Cr, or W Carbide-Forming Metals: Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulation, J. Phys. Chem. C, 119(2015)6086-6093. 【PDF】
  71. Xiaowei Li, Peiling Ke, Aiying Wang*, Stress reduction of Cu-doped diamond-like carbon films from ab initio calculations, AIP Advances, 5 (2015)017111-1-9 【PDF】
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  73. Kai Zhou, Peiling Ke, Xiaowei Li, Yousheng Zou, Aiying Wang*, Microstructure and electrochemical properties of nitrogen doped DLC films deposited by PECVD technique, Appl. Surf. Sci.  329(2015)281-286.【PDF】
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