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HyMaps 2011 (2011.10.27-29, Busan, Korea)
-          Deposition, Characterization and Properties of Me-DLC Nano-composite Films by Hybrid Ion Beam system. 【Aiying Wang, invited oral talk , session chairman

-          Microstructure and properties of graphite-like carbon film using a hybrid high power pulse magnetron sputtering. 【Peiling Ke, oral talk, session chairman

-          Molecular dynamics study of properties of diamond-like carbon films under different incident angles of C atoms. 【Xiaowei Li, poster】

-          Tribological Performance of DLC Film on the Surface of Gas Nitrided AISI440C Stainless Steel. 【He Zheng, poster】

► PBII&D 2011 & SMMIB 2011 (2011.9.8-12, Harbin, China)
-          Influence of Bias Voltage on Microstructure and Properties of Al-containing Diamond-like Carbon Films Deposited by a Hybrid Ion Beam System. 【Aiying Wang, poster, session chairman

-          Investigation on the Carbon/Chronium Film Using a Hybrid High Power Pulse Magnetron Sputtering Technique. 【Peiling Ke, oral talk 】 

-    Tribological properties of MAO/DLC composite coatings on AZ80 magnesium alloy using combined microarc oxidation and ion beam deposition. 【Wei Yang, oral talk】

► AEPSE2011 (2011.9.19-22, Dalian, China)
-      Effect of doping atoms on the electronic structure in the Me-DLC films: A first principle study【Xiaowei Li, oral talk 】
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